Epson’s Latest Megaplex Projectors Will Make Your Ten-Inch iPad 100 Inches Tall



Epson’s latest line of projectors seems like overkill for most of us. Called the Megaplex line, these light weight, portable projectors are specially designed for iOS devices. Yet if you’ve already got a projector you like, hooking it up to an Apple TV and using AirPlay seems like a better bet.

The Megaplex MG-850HD costs $800 and boasts 720p high-def resolution, a built-in mic and 2800 lumens of color. If you’re cheaper, you can get the MG-50 model for a hundred dollars less and simply downgrade to 480p standard def resolution.

The big selling point on both of these is the built-in Dock that will allow you to use an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to make presentations, blowing up what’s on your screen to a crazy 100 inches and outputting stereo sound through two 10-watt speakers.

Still, if you’ve already got a projector you’re happy with, why not just spend $99 for an AppleTV and use that? You’ll be able to use AirPlay to wirelessly mirror anything on your iOS Device, and it costs considerably less than buying a new projector all together.

You can check out the new Epson Megaplex projectors here.

[via iDB]