Hot New iHome iW1 Dock Joins the AirPlay Party



Everyone seems to want some AirPlay action. The newest dock to crash onto the stage is this AirPlay-equipped, sleek-looking monolith from iHome, the iW1 ($300).

Like the iP1 we reviewed almost two years ago, the iW1 boasts enhanced Bongiovi DPS technology; unlike the iP1, this dock is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery — but no actual physical dock, which is the direction these units seem to be heading in. Guess we’ll have to start calling them something different.

It’s also compatible with no less than four iOS apps that do everything from setup assistance to streaming Internet radio and providing alarm functions.

The iW1 isn’t available just yet; a few lucky sods were able to get their hands on units through iHome’s website today. The rest of us will have to wait till September 26.

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  • Bruce Hanson

    iHome should be ashamed of themselves, not because of the product but because of their beyond inept handling of the website sale today. I almost wonder if they already decided ahead of time who was going to get the iW1 and used the rest of us for hype. I was sitting at my iMac on the iHome website today exactly at 2:00 Eastern Time. I watched the dialogue box go from Coming Soon to Checkout. Within 15 seconds I hit Submit. Unfortunately, iHome wasn’t ready for my purchase. When I hit Submit, it went to a page that said Bad Gateway 502. That happened over and over at least 5 or 6 more times. I called Support, and they told me to go out and start over, which I did. After a few more 502 messages, I finally succeeded in making the purchase, only to receive an e-mail saying Product Backordered. I borrowed the money so that I could start using this in my elementary school classroom as soon as possible in combination with my iPad 2. Did my e-mail give me any insight on when I would now receive it? Of course not! I had to come to Cult of Mac to find out. Pretty Impressive iHome )-:

  • ACltd

    I too tried to order iW1 at 2eastern, only to find out it is only selling to US customers. I live in Canada. They did send me an email telling me to order. The email did however leave more questions then answers. I’m wondering with these epic delays, what is going on that we don’t know about. I would imagine that they want to sell as many of these things as they can.

    Did anyone who did order find out what the gift is?

    What happened to iW2 and iW3?

    Will this be a retail launch on sept 26 aswell?

  • Bruce Hanson

    I think the gift may have been part of my problem. It added to the ordering process and probably threw those who ordered the iW1 farther behind those who didn’t include the gift code. There were 4 or 5 gift choices, all similar to the iP 37, a portable zippered speaker system for iPhone or iPod. It actually looks like a very good gift, though as Apple has often done, it is probably a phasing out of older models.

  • m_hardwick

    If you check their facebook, it’s non stop comments about how poorly they’ve handled this product launch.

  • ACltd

    it appears that those who were able to order one won’t be getting them until sept 26 anyways. this round was only a pre-order! what a mess.

  • Breathemuzic

    I ordered one on wednesday, it shipped yesterday and the UPS tracking number says it will be delivered today. though I forgot to use the gift code.

  • ACltd

    Good to hear. I was posting from a comment from another site. Not my own experience. Let us know what you think when you get it. Especially the sound quality. If it’s not that great I may consider a zeppelin air.

  • Spexvtx

    I was able to get mine. I did have difficulties with the site freezing on me several times during checkout. However, I used the amazon checkout and it worked fine!

    The unit works well and sounds good! Although, the Ip1 that I have sounds better and has more bass and power than the Iw1.

    I like the airplay function and ease of portability. Ihome did include a nice free gift. The Ihome IP37!