Intel Sticker Question Story Finally Runs



Following the brief Apple Event last week where Steve Jobs rolled out new iMacs, iLife and iWork, the entire executive committee took a rare press conference. Though the attendant press peppered Steve and co. with good questions, one stood out for its ineptitude. Bob Keefe of Cox Newspapers, asked Apple why Macs don’t carry the “Intel Inside” stickers. No, really.

Steve, of course, replied that Apple likes its own stickers better, which is the best possible answer, given the circumstances. MacWorld has the full audio of the question and the half-laughed response to Keefe. It’s definitely worth it just for the reception of Steve’s answer.

And now we’ve seen where Keefe was going with his line of questioning. He wrote a trend story, published yesterday, that tried to link Apple’s disinterest in Intel Inside to an overall decline in the program. Which, to be frank, is really reaching. Especially since one of his pieces of evidence is that AMD chips are popular now and that Dell and HP have ad campaigns that aren’t solely focused on the use of Intel chips. Not to mention that Dell and HP are both moving in a strategic design direction that emphasizes their brands, not those of their suppliers.

Still, it does say something about how far outside the realm of typical business reporters Apple’s strategies are that people still might not understand the whole notion of a nice, clean design after all this time. And really, the question is barely different from asking, “Why isn’t the battery on the iPhone user-replaceable?” or “Why can’t I get third-party MagSafe power adapters?” Quite simply, Apple thinks it’s better this way. More attractive, maybe easier, and certainly more controlled. Apple loves it’s partners. But let’s face it — this is all about Apple and always has been.

No outside stickers need apply.

Via MacUser

  • Trev

    Hahahahaha; that was great!

  • Cameron

    What in the world? How can this be called journalism? He makes it sound like the sticker missing is a huge deal. He doesn’t even acknowledge the fact that intel Macs have NEVER had intel stickers.

    Did he ever stop to think that the reason Apple doesn’t put the stickers on their computers is that they are the tackiest things in the world?

  • imajoebob

    Was Keefe out of the country when the original Intel announcement was made? Or was he still finishing his “journalism degree” at the ITT technical Institute?

    Say Bob, maybe it’s so they can switch to any processor manufacturer they want without having to rebrand their entire line of computers? And have a little price/supply influence over Intel?

    I’m guessing you didn’t get your first choice at ITT. Gunsmithing must have been full that term.