AT&T Offers iPhone 3GS for Just $0.01… If You Don’t Mind The Warts



AT&T has just slashed $98.99 off the price of Apple’s iPhone 3GS allowing you to purchase the device for as little as one cent. There is a catch, however. A device that cheap will come with a few warts.

The device is one of AT&T’s refurbished handsets that suffer from cosmetic blemishes, and only come with a 90-day warranty and limited AppleCare:

Refurbished iPhone devices carry a limited warranty based on the original purchase date of the iPhone. The remaining coverage will be at least 90 days and will vary by device. If you purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone, your coverage duration will also be tied to the original purchase date of the iPhone and will vary by device.

Now there’s no reason not to own an iPhone, surely?