Link Round-Up



Visual comparison of rumored new iMac keyboard to existing iMac keyboard. [Gizmodo]

Hackers release proof-of-concept “Hello World” application for iPhone [TUAW]

USB Hard Drives Now Work with AppleTV — But Not Well [AppleTV Hacks]

iPhone Making Calls on Australian Carrier [MacNN]

Minor GUI improvements in latest Leopard Builds [ThinkSecret]

Shut Down Dell and Give the Money Back to Shareholders [ZDNet]

  • C. Peter Chen

    You know, this new keyboard will take some gettin’ used to… but I think I just might like the new layout.

  • Alan Christensen

    I wish they’d put a nice big gap between the A and caps lock keys.

  • haunted_i

    The Leopard GUI link is dead. Why does it point to macscoop but cites thinksecret?

  • ladyjaye

    If that rumored keyboard redesign is in any way true, then it’s good. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve accidentally hit the Eject button while trying to reach out for keypad 9… And direct playback controls on the F-keys (for iTunes, I suppose?) would indeed be nice.

    And I never understood the addition of the Apple logo on the command key. In fact, that’s how you can tell how long someone has been a Mac user: a relative newcomer will call it the Apple key, while people who’ve used it since the 80s or 90s call it the Command key.