Apple vs. PC Dads, guess who wins? [Humor]



I guess the PC dad lets the kid crash to the ground?

  • Imalinux

    PC dad’s kid is in bed because he caught a virus. His dad is forgetful because he has poor memory. PC dad wears a suit all the time and loves spreadsheets. He steals the kid’s music and thinks powerpoints like this… 

    are cool!

  • Imalinux

    Images not adding. Follow link –… 

  • kkb1996

    I just sent this picture to my dad.

  • davester13

    PCDad is all about “tough love”…

  • Jose Rodriguez

    PC’s dad is too busy teaching his kid that life isn’t gonna get easier for him. the Idad seems to be convincing his son that somehow his life will always be this fin.

  • Jose Rodriguez


  • Rc_zuzu

    original pix from the examiner

    love it

  • Raksha Sharma

    Do You Know How To Use Microsoft Office Software On Mac & Linux For Free… 

  • onlybestgame, Best online game

    iDad? LOL

  • Antonio Kotsev

    Oooo i remember reading this in .Thats the best site for mac vs pc humor.