Report: White iPhone 4 Delayed Because of Light Leakage

Report: White iPhone 4 Delayed Because of Light Leakage

From the consumer end, the hold-up on the white iPhone 4 has been pretty inexplicable. Exactly how hard can it be for Apple to get the white iPhone 4 right? They release multi-colored gadgets all the time, with no problem whatsoever. What’s the difference here?

Over at the Street, there’s an unconfirmed explanation being floated that actually makes a good deal of sense.

Because both the front and back of the iPhone 4 is made of glass, Apple has to be very careful about light leaking out of the seams and through the backplate of the handset, since they can’t just slap another layer of coating to fill the gaps. On the black iPhone 4, this isn’t as big of a problem, but the white iPhone 4’s back is naturally more transparent than the black’s. Hence the delay.

I’m no engineer, but that seems to grok. It certainly makes more sense to me than the other theory: that Apple had delayed the white iPhone 4 to secretly fix the antenna design.

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