I-Tube iPhone Case Is Totally Tubular [Review]

I-Tube iPhone Case Is Totally Tubular [Review]

Tube a company from Biel/Bienne, Switzerland makes an iPhone case out of old used bicycle tires. The tubes are collected from bicycle dealers and are specifically from the 80s. So i-tubes are totally green and retro at the same time. Shut up!

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I-Tube iPhone Case Is Totally Tubular [Review]

Each i-tube case is unwashed and unique. The one we tried has a patch on it from where some 80s cyclists has repaired it. The case can be washed with soap and water but the color may change. Besides, it’s cool to imagine that dust from the streets of Switzerland is on it. And the rubber has a nice smooth feel to it.

The i-tube completely covers the iPhone so you have to take it out to use. It has been lined inside with an elastic micro fibre, which helps guide the phone easily out of the case but also keeps securily inside until you pull it out. The micro fibre also protects the screen and can even clean it.

The i-tube is a great novelty case. It looks trendy and hip. If you tend to carry around your iPhone in the back pocket of your pants, you will have a problem with the rubbery i-tube. It is meant to be carried in your jacket pocket or your bag.

i-tubes retail for 55 Swiss Francs (about $51.49 US dollars) plus the cost of shipping. In addition to iPhone cases, Tube also makes belts, bikes and USB tubes.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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Model: i-tube iPhone case

Company: Tube

Requirements: Most models of iPhone

List Price: $51.46

Buy Now: The i-tube iPhone case is available from Tube for $51.46 plus shipping.

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