Don’t Expect Aftermarket CarPlay Systems In 2014, But Maybe Apple Will Sell You One In 2015?


CarPlay could be the best thing to happen to your automobile’s dashboard since GPS, but unless you’re buying a Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz or Volvo sometime soon, it’s been unclear when you could actually expect your vehicle to support Apple’s new automotive standard?

No time soon, alas. Two representatives of major aftermarket brands have shot down the notion that you can expect aftermarket CarPlay systems coming anytime soon that you can install in your old clunker… and definitely not in 2014.

Scott Caswell, Kenwood’s marketing manager, recently confirmed that “Apple CarPlay won’t be in any of our 2014 products,” although many existing devices offer features like A/V playback and Siri support. Furthermore, Caswell suggested it’s possible that CarPlay will never come as an aftermarket solition, since as an OEM option, it’s an atractive way to sell someone a new car.

My guess is that if CarPlay takes off, it will become an aftermarket solution… but one sold directly by Apple. What do you think?


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