‘iOS In The Car’ Launching Next Week With Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo

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Apple will launch “iOS in the Car” with Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo as partners at the Geneva Motor Show next week, according to the Financial Times.

While Apple has said that it has more than a dozen automobile manufacturers on board, the company is reportedly choosing to launch with the three aforementioned brands only. Apple executive Eddy Cue is a member of Ferrari’s board of directors.

Originally unveiled alongside iOS 7 at WWDC last summer, iOS in the Car is Apple’s interface for dash displays in vehicles. The extension of iOS lets the user navigate using Maps, make phone calls, control music, and use Siri without needing to touch an iPhone in the car.

Apple has said that iOS in the Car is a “key focus” for the company in 2014. A redesigned interface for iOS in the Car was discovered in iOS 7 last month. Automobile makers like Honda have been preparing their newer cars for the software with large touchscreens.

  • http://j.mp/Office2GO Juliana Fitzwater Julia

    Cool, I’m interested in seeing how it integrates

  • Aaloo

    Can’t wait. Another reason for my next car to be a merc

  • Chris Lewis

    With the interface able to adapt when you move into the car, I still think an interface that adapts from the phone to a more ipad-style, using the screen as a trackpad + gesture system when using airplay and bluetooth keyboard would be a great idea – http://youtu.be/lL3L5D_nHQg

  • Dickusmagnus

    All else being equal I would prefer a car with an iOS Interface. A nice addition would be an engine and other car systems app that has a clean display.

  • sanfordandsons

    I just bought a Lincoln Hybrid with Nav and when the salesman tried to teach my wife how to use Sync he had her set up her “home” address and then had her ask Sync to “go home” to bring up the map with the route to go home. Instead Sync said, “phone.” Three times it failed to work. Sync has always sucked and will continue to suck as long as Microsoft’s name is on the plate. Please Ford, call Apple.

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