Drift Packs Yet More Performance Punch Into Its Ghost-S Action Cam


Just over a year after Drift Innovations dropped its impressively specced Ghost HD action cam, the company has upped the ante in the action-cam tech race by launching the improved Ghost-S, with big boosts in performance — notably low-light performance and a doubled frame rate — and a slew of trick new features.

In part thanks to a new Sony CMOS sensor, straight up performance enhancements over the Ghost HD include upping the frame-rate from 30 fps to 60 at 1080p, the ability to shoot 720p at a blazing 120 fps; a modest half-hour battery improvement (to 3.5 hours); and a slow-shutter mode that Drift says significantly improves picture quality when shooting in low light — an improvement oft-requested by users of the Ghost HD, according to the company.

The there’re new features like Clone Mode, which allows one master Ghost-S to network with up to four other Ghosts (HD or S) within a 10-meter range and sync shooting between the lot of them, including the ability to have all the cameras switch modes — video, still, time-lapse or photoburst — just by changing modes on the master Ghost.

All this is in addition to the already-dizzying list of features the Ghost HD sports, like a two-way remote that changes color to signify which mode is currently recording, companion iOS and Android apps that connect with the camera over wifi for remote shooting and playback. There’s also Tag Mode, which allows the user to mark events while the camera is shooting in a continuous loop, saving footage both before and after the mark to storage — allowing the user to dramatically extend storage capacity while still not missing anything. The list goes on.

Batter save those Krugerrands though — the Drift-S is $400 when it goes on sale November 26. Here’s a teaser video of some dude building a surfboard ‘n beach life ‘n stuff.

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