The iPhone’s ‘Marimba’ Ringtone Has Been Made Into A Music Video

Nope, that’s not your iPhone ringing, it’s just a music video.

Hollywood-based band Mars Argo turned Apple’s iconic ‘Marimba’ ringtone into a hook for their new music video, “Don’t Call Me.” Whether you prefer the band’s musical stylings or not, you have to admit it’s a pretty neat idea for a song.

  • Chris Brunner

    Cute idea but HORRIBLE song…

  • Chris Brunner

    Cute idea but HORRIBLE song…

  • JacksMacintosh

    You guys ever see “iTribute” by Timeflies?
    Brilliant song
    Also uses the ringtone as the main musically-ness part

  • bondr006

    Her voice sounds like an ice pick being rammed into my ear……

     photo refusing-to-hear_zps4bcfd43d.jpg

  • thisiskyleadams

    ughhhhh…could have been executed so much better. this makes me want to go home and write a better version just to appease my own ears.

  • Ollie_McMillan

    I wouldn’t usually listen to a song like this but the arrangement that plays with Marimba fits well. Not so keen on the singer’s voice though.

  • Freandicious

    This is absolutely AMAZING! What a cutie. You guys are crazy, I love her voice.

  • EvanMorton93

    This is just awful…

  • dpacemaker

    This is Mac Lethal, while he didn’t use a ringtone, he used his iPhone to make his beats. Then he has a response to the fake Christians from Westboro, and their love of the children in Connecticut being killed. This guy is talented.

  • Steven Quan

    She sounds like a 10 yr old trying to sing.

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