Your Jailbroken iPad Can Now Play PSP Games [Jailbreak]

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Before I had an iPhone, I used to game everywhere with the dual-threat of my Nintendo DS and my trusty Sony PSP. The DS I’ll still occasionally break out, but the bulky PSP has been in a drawer for years, a victim of its bulk.

A new jailbreak project might mean that I finally get to play some of my favorite PSP games once again. PPSSPP is a new PSP emulator for iOS developed by the guy behind the incredible N64 emulator, Dolphin, and while it’s in very alpha state yet — just look at that frame rate on Wipeout Pure! — this is clearly a project with a lot of possibility.

According to the YouTube commentary, the current alpha is using interpreter code, which is slower than Just-In-Time (Or JIT) code. If the PPSSPP team can figure out a way to enable JIT, the emulator is golden. If not, though, what you see might be what you get.

I still think it’s worth crossing fingers and hoping for the best, though. This looks incredible. Check out the gameplay video below:

Your Jailbroken iPad Can Now Play PSP Games [Jailbreak]

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