Can’t Get Your Hands On An iPad mini? Apple Now Offering In-Store Pickup Reservations For Online Orders

Can’t Get Your Hands On An iPad mini? Apple Now Offering In-Store Pickup Reservations For Online Orders

If you frequently buy brand new Apple products, you know the cycle: initial pre-order stock sells out quickly, launch day stock goes fast, and then Apple starts offering next-day reservations for in-store pickup. The iPad mini has reached the last stage in the cycle.

Apple retail stores get a limited supply of new products (in this case, the iPad mini) each night. If you’re having trouble getting your hands on an iPad mini, your best bet is to order one through Apple’s online store and see if you can walk in and pick it up in person the next day at your local Apple Store. 

When you add the iPad mini you want to your cart, select “Pick up” as the method of delivery at checkout. The catch is that you’ll have to place the order after 10 P.M. local time in order to see your closest retail store’s inventory for the next day. If you can call dibs on the model you want, you won’t have to worry about being the first customer in the Apple Store the following morning. The iPad mini you reserved online will be held for you. Since shipping times for the iPad mini are 2 weeks+ in most places around the world, an in-store reservation is probably the way to go.

The same system has been in place for the iPhone 5 since it launched in September.

  • technochick

    what a completely muddled mess of an article.

    THIS IS NOT A RESERVATION. That is one of the major errors. This is a full on purchase with credit card verified and charged etc. THAT is why it is held for you. You already bought it. I believe it is 7 days for you to pick it up or the order is auto returned and refunded and the unit goes to someone else etc.

    This is no different than all the other personal pickup in store sales they have been doing for ages other than the wait until 10pm and having to complete the order by 4am. They do that for launch items so that the staff aren’t constantly inundated with new orders all day while receiving their shipments etc. And if it happens that something doesn’t sell out over night they can offer it to walk ins if the store management wishes

  • SantaRamsey

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online(Click on menu Home)

  • jpadhiyar

    Well, that’s a good sign finally for those who can’t wait a couple of weeks to get their coveted iPad Mini. We’re all a hurried lot.

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