Look At All These iPhone 5s Flooding FedEx’s Distribution Center [Image]

Look At All These iPhone 5s Flooding FedEx’s Distribution Center [Image]

FedEx is gearing up to deliver a whole mess of iPhone 5s today, and they are almost literally swimming in a sea of iPhone 5 boxes at their distribution center. I can only spot about three boxes that aren’t iPhones making their way through the processing belt, and it looks like one iPhone 5 fell off. I hope that one’s not yours.

  • Muhammad Hama Jasrie

    If I could only take one…

  • FilthyMacNasty



  • philbert81

    I want to swim through it like Scrooge McDuck.

  • The_Network

    If only we came up with this idea which made a billion or so dollars. Hmmmm

  • luekosb

    Jack pot…

  • The_Network



    Android WHO!!! With the multitudes of Android phones and Android OS’s out there, shouldn’t Android have the most money in the bank; ahhhh NO. That would be Apple.

  • SupaMac

    Mine’s being delivered via UPS… hope they’re not as swamped.

  • Steffen Jobbs

    I think I just spotted a Samsung Galaxy S III box about 20 feet away and slightly off to the right. I hear they’re selling like hotcakes because consumers love smartphones with large displays. No consumers are buying smartphones with small displays, anymore. Apple is doomed.

  • shadow

    The box on the ground looks a different size. Is it a Samsung phone box

  • batman

    Where on earth did you get that image? Oh you stole it from reddit without credit?


    Very disappointed in you Buster. For shame.

  • Angeluskarl

    Is the white box near the bottom of the picture a Samsung Galaxy SIII?? The box is about the correct size isn’t it?

  • Jacob Winkler

    Apple is doomed? They’ve sold 5 million iPhone 5′s already. That’s 33 times the amount of the gs3. People don’t want a smartphone. They want the iPhone. And people who hate on iPhone just want an iPhone with a different name and a mask on.

  • Brandbooster

    Let’s hope they are not being delivered by drivers relying on iOS6!!

  • judy767

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  • judy767

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