Can Amazon’s New $159 Kindle Fire Compete With The iPad Mini?

Can Amazon’s New $159 Kindle Fire Compete With The iPad Mini?

With the Galaxy Nexus 7 eating their lunch and the iPad mini expected to debut in October and put the squeeze on the first-generation model, Amazon has just announced the new Kindle Fire.

Featuring an all-new, more iPad-ish form factor, the new 7-inch Kindle Fire boasts a faster processor, 2GB of RAM, up to 40% faster performance and longer battery life. Otherwise, though, Amazon is being mum about the specs.

Boy, is this tablet cheap though. It costs $159 with preorders starting today, and orders shipping on September 14th.

  • Robert Pruitt

    Is the $159 for the old one? Or, just the smallest screen?

  • ddevito

    Looks like no one will buy the ipad Mini now. especially with the Nexus 7 being the top-of-the-line 7″ tablet out there. This is the low end 7″.

    NO room for Mini iPad. Sorry Apple, looks like Steve Jobs was wrong that time

  • technochick

    probably smarter to wait for the ipad mini to be announced before trying to decide which might be the winner

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