OS X Lion Server Video Course [Ending Soon]

OS X Lion Server Video Course [Ending Soon]

You already know that OS X is one of the most powerful and easy to use UNIX based OSes around. You wouldn’t be reading Cult of Mac if you didn’t. The thing that a lot of us don’t really know—or tap into—is the server version of OS X.

Sure it’s like OS X, but it also has all the power of an enterprise server behind it. Email server? Check. Calendar server? Yep. Document server, chat server, wiki…you get the idea. Anyway, it’s powerful stuff. And, so I’m told, pretty easy to manage. Pretty easy, not drop dead easy. Which means a few lessons and tutorials might come in handy just to make sure you get your OS X Lion Server set up the right way the first time. Hence today’s deal—OS X Lion Server Video Course – Cult of Mac Deals.

OS X Lion Server Video Course [Ending Soon]

Over 10 hours of video lessons across over 120 individual lessons that will help you make sure that you get your OS X Lion Server set up, running, and powering your office in nothing flat.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Anyone who needs to share Mac services on a network of any size
  • Anyone who needs an understanding of using Mac Server in a commercial environment
  • Anyone who needs to share files and services Mac to Mac or Mac to PC

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to install and administer OS X Lion Server in a commercial environment
  • How to set up services and securely manage Mac services and users
  • How to set up Web Hosting, Wiki Server, iCal Server, File Sharing and a whole host of other important aspects of Mac Server

Pick up a Mac mini, a copy of Lion Server, and this course and you’ll have the office collaborating and connecting before you can say shared workgroup calendar.

OS X Lion Server Video Course.

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