MobileMe Is Officially Dead, Time To Save Your Data And Move To iCloud

MobileMe Is Officially Dead, Time To Save Your Data And Move To iCloud

So long, MobileMe.

Apple has been warning users about the imminent death of MobileMe since last year, and July 1st 2012 marks the day MobileMe shuts down for good. MobileMe’s iDisk and Gallery features have also been axed in favor of Apple’s newer iCloud offerings.

The good news is that MobileMe users still have the chance to retrieve and migrate their data to iCloud. Apple has made it easy to make the transition, and files can be saved directly from existing MobileMe Galleries and iDisks before it’s too late.

Apple’s MobileMe webpage has been replaced with a ‘now closed’ message and directions for migrating existing accounts to iCloud. MobileMe users with 20GB-60Gb of storage are receiving matching storage upgrades for free when they switch to iCloud. The only catch is that MobileMe accounts with 60GB of storage will receive 50GB of free space instead of 60GB. Apple is offering free storage upgrades to give MobileMe users time to manage and move their data around until the free iCloud upgrades expire on September 30th, 2012.

The iDisk app and MobileMe Gallery app are both no longer available in the App Store, and you’ll have to download your photos and files directly from the MobileMe webpage on your Windows PC or Mac.

MobileMe users who have more questions about switching accounts over to iCloud can find more information on Apple’s official Q&A page. iCloud comes with features like wirelessly synced Mail, Contacts, Calendar data, and Safari Bookmarks. Apple also offers its device tracking service called Find My iPhone. You also have access to iTunes in the Cloud, Photo Stream, Documents in the Cloud, automatic iTunes downloads, and more across all of your registered devices.

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