Jailbreak App Display Recorder Ripped Off And Released In The App Store


Display Recorder in the App Store is a near clone of its jailbreak counterpart.
Display Recorder in the App Store is a near clone of its jailbreak counterpart.

Fans of jailbreaking will most likely know about Display Recorder, the jailbreak app by Ryan Petrich, that, as its name implies, lets you record your iPhone’s screen. Display Recorder is one of the reasons I initially began jailbreaking my devices. It’s a handy tool if you need to show someone how to do something on your iPhone. That in mind, I was excited today when I saw that Display Recorder had been released into the App Store. That is, until I saw it had been developed by someone else.

Bugun Software, the developers of the App Store version of Display Recorder, have shamelessly ripped off not only the name, but many of the features of Petrich’s app, and released it under their own name, with a $1.99 price tag. At first glance, the app may appear to be identical to its Cydia counterpart, but upon closer inspection, there are some glaring differences.

According to iPhoneInCanada, the App Store version of Display Recorder takes low quality, choppy video, in stark contrast to the smooth, high quality video captured by the Cydia version.

Here’s both versions of Display Recorder, side by side.

Developer Ryan Petrich has spoken out on Twitter, saying, “Filed my first complaint in iTunes Connect today. DisplayRecorder in the App Store is not mine in spite of it using the same marketing.”

It’s not clear whether or not Apple will respond to this complaint, seeing as they don’t support Cydia apps, but it’s fairly safe to say that I wouldn’t expect Display Recorder to be hanging around the App Store too much longer. Especially since what it does is a violation of Apple’s App Store guidelines, anyway.

Via: iPhoneInCanada


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  • InternDom

    It’s important to note that Apple did remove the “Cydia” app that surfaced recently after receiving a complaint.So Ryan does stand a chance. If not Apple will probably remove it based on it’s functionality.

  • James Barnette

    Ya know this could have been avoided if he had just released his on the app store.

  • BouchardAnthony

    This does not appear to be a ‘shameless ripoff’ of Ryan Petrich’s Display Recorder application from Cydia. The application offers different functionalities as well as user interface differences that Ryan Petrich’s application does not have, just as it is so vice versa. The application shares the same name – a common name that explains what the application does.

    There are countless flashlight applications in the App Store, of which are called ‘flashlight’ and do the same thing. They’re not ripoffs; they are just applications out there to compete with ideas that each developer thinks makes the application better than the competition.

    Anthony Bouchard

  • Timothy Williamson

    What an A-Hole…why file a complaint? It’s not like he’s losing money over it being in the App Store (I’m not currently jailbroken so would never had purchase his Cydia app).

  • baby_Twitty

    i bought this app. It is a complete mess. Not working on new iPad 3. Getting a refund now thru Apple billing department.

  • efusion_en

    It is the application totally copy from Voice Recorder HD UI, which is top downloaded recording application in AppStore. This is not right to down other product goodwill.

  • Ed_Kel

    I wouldn’t call taking someone else’s app and modifying it to be released in the App Store a “rip-off”. Hats off to the guy that follows the system’s regulations. 

  • Sajonara

    Well then, anyone double checked the source code of both apps? Otherwise it’s speculation only to claim it is a rip-off or copy cat or something like this. iPhoneInCanada also proposes it was “stolen”… I could not judge it is just by the look at its gui.

  • Justin Gilbert

    A lot of these comments sound like Samsung fans…Its not the same phone. There’s only so many ways to make a smart phone. ;)

  • johanvandemerwe

    Whoever is right, there is still no Legal display recording app for the ipad. Why not? What is so bad about disply recorder or cydia that Apple rejects it?