Stockholder Dividend, Worker Abuse Allegations Hot Topics Ahead Of Apple’s Annual Shareholder Meeting

Stockholder Dividend, Worker Abuse Allegations Hot Topics Ahead Of Apple’s Annual Shareholder Meeting

Amidst concerns about trademark battles in China, an unprecedented factory audit of Foxconn, and the question of potential stock dividends, Apple is scheduled to meet with AAPL shareholders tomorrow at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. All investors are encouraged to attend.

There have been whispers of dividend payouts over the last few months, and Apple has said that it’s considering such shareholder options. Considering that the company has $100 billion in cash on hand, investors are wondering how Apple can continue to not let its funds “burn a hole in its pocket.”

The Fair Labor Association is conducting a highly-covered audit of Apple’s supply chain partner Foxconn in China. ABC’s Nightline ran a report on Foxconn last night, and the FLA has voiced concern over the factory’s working conditions. Apple is also in the middle of a heated trademark battle with Proview that could result in a halt of iPad sales in China.

You can see 2011’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders by checking out this PDF.

AAPL stock soared past $500 for the first time less than two weeks ago, and Apple’s market cap is valued at about $480 billion.

Make sure to come back tomorrow for Cult of Mac’s report on the Apple annual shareholder’s meeting and what occurred there.

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    Jobs would not be dividend happy but there’s a new guy in charge now.

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    Apple sucks!!

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    Precisely ! But there is a new idea called iTunes4Dev which could help Apple improve its CSR:

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