All Wooden iPhone is Fully Recyclable, Though Reception Questionable

Wood iphone 1

Now here’s a cute item for the eco-conscious among us. Designers Kyle Bean and Thomas Forsyth have created an all-wooden iPhone for the cover of Computer Arts magazine. Using a carved wood frame and lego-like blocks for the icons, the homescreen is fully customizable and tastefully done in a two-tone finish.

The app icons aren’t identical to the ones on real iPhone, but we can forgive some artistic license in this case. Unfortunately this isn’t a product available for sale but rather a model created for the magazine cover. Perhaps the designers can be convinced to make up a few dozen for special order or sale on Etsy?

Wood iphone 3

Wood iphone 5

[via TUAW]

  • Jordan Clay

    we can forgive some ** Corrections

  • Adam Rosen

    Oops, missed that one.   Typo fixed, thanks for the correction.

  • AdamA

    How do you know it’s an iPhone (small “home button”, volume buttons on “wrong” side, no mute switch at all…)?
    It may be one of Samsung family as well ;-) (but it’s pretty nice anyway)

  • baby_Twitty

    There are missing the Siri icon.

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