Check Your Lipstick Or Eyeshadow With This Cute MacBook Air-Inspired Hand Mirror

This is a cute little stocking stuffer for the narcissistic Mac fangirl in your life: the MirrorBook Air, a $12 hand mirror that looks just like a tiny, palm-sized MacBook Air. Get it now before Apple C&Ds it, which they will, but hopefully not before Christmas.

  • eikonklast

    Someone will be receiving a letter from Apple legal soon.

  • CJ Miller

    I think I’ll just use the front facing camera on my iphone to see what’s in my eye

  • Figurative

    It’s the MacBook Nano!

  • Jordan Clay

    That is what he means by C&D

  • Figurative

    $25 !!! Shipping from Japan. 

  • Chris

    I think the Macbook Air is already a mirror?!

  • Chris

    ouch…the Apple logo is a sticker, which is not even aligned properly…but what can you expect for 25 $ … that’s like ‘nothing’

  • Sam The Rebel

    just bought one for 5 bucks off ebay, shipping included

  • Timothy Murphy

    Need an actual keyboard and computer that sizPr

  • Richard Crigger

    Shut up and take my money!

  • Brett

    Anyone fit an iPod Touch and thumb board in there?

  • Dilbert A

    golf clap.

  • Kevinneugent

    Word of caution: getting this in the US adds and extra NINETEEN DOLLARS for shipping. That’s a little ridiculous. Can’t imagine the prices overseas. If you’re THAT big a fan, go for it.

  • Darla Mack

    Wow that’s insane!  lol it’s cute but not THAT cute.

  • rfmansfield

    The link above is dead now (not surprising), but I found one on ebay for $8.99 and free shipping. I thought it would make a unique gift for my wife (who uses a 13″ MBA).

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