Sorry, Devs! You Missed Your Window To Sign Up For iTunes Match… For Now

Sorry, Devs! You Missed Your Window To Sign Up For iTunes Match… For Now

Apple has temporarily closed down the iTunes Match beta to developers trying to access it for the first time after Apple launched their match-and-stream music service yesterday afternoon.

If you haven’t accessed iTunes Match before and try to use the service through the latest iTunes beta, this is the message developers are receiving as of 9:45am ET this morning.

iTunes Match beta testing has begun with an initial set of developers. Over the next days, we will continue to expand our testing. Please check back later to describe.

At least the way Apple rolled out the iTunes beta seems egalitarian. First come, first served. We’ll keep you posted when Apple allows devs to start signing up again.

  • Adam C. Erickson

    I in fact WILL check back later to describe!

    …wait, what?

  • gnomehole

    What doesn’t make sense is I made it in last night on my home computer, but get that message when logging in at work.   Seems its not necessarily specific to dev sign-ins…  since I’m in, shouldn’t it let me in anywhere I want?    

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