iCloud To Not Only Stream Music But Take Over For MobileMe



Yes, Virginia, Apple did indeedpurchase the iCloud.com domain from Swedish cloud computing company Xcerion. But when it launches, don’t expect it to just be a locker for your streaming music. It’ll also encompass all of the functionality currently provided by MobileMe, and more…

Says AppleInsider:

According to people familiar with the matter, Apple is prepping beta versions of both iOS 5.0 and Mac OS X Lion ahead of its annual developers conference that integrate with a service dubbed “iCloud,” enabling users to sync and store much of the same information they currently can with the company’s existing MobileMe service, such as bookmarks, email, contacts and iCal events….

[E]vidence seen by AppleInsider suggests the service will go beyond music, and could be the central component of a revamped Apple’s existing MobileMe service. To this end, reports dating back to February characterized Apple’s plans future internet service plans as including a digital “locker” that would hold all of a users personal memorabilia, including photos, music and videos. That would negate the need for future Apple mobile devices like an iPhone to have a great deal of internal and costly flash memory storage.

We should know more next month. Until then, then rumor mongering can continue in earnest.

  • madhatter61

    one of the on going frustrations with iPad is data filing systems and transfer and sharing info between apps. With the talk about iCloud I would be very interest in a better file system that would be very workable with these new mobile devices

  • Jim

    Whoops!  CloudMe is the rebranded website for Xcerion, the company Apple bought the iCloud domain from.  CloudMe has no connection to Apple Computers so far as I can see from looking at the website.  You may want to look more closely at the website.