Rumor: iPad 2 Has Doubled, Faster Memory


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When Steve Jobs ticked through the major hardware changes in the iPad 2 at yesterday’s event, one conspicuous bullet point missing from his slide was RAM. The original iPad famously only had 256MB of RAM when it launched, which was a decision that was criticized even at the time. When the iPhone 4 got a bump to 512MB, it was assumed the iPad 2 would fall in line… but Apple’s failure to document such a clear spec bump got a lot of people nervous. Surely Apple would only not mention a doubling of RAM if the RAM hadn’t been doubled?

Apparently not. A Korean semi-conductor analyst has just claimed that he knows for a fact that the new A5 SoC in the iPad 2 comes with 512MB of RAM. It’s not just double the meg, either: the new RAM is LPDDR2 RAM with a speed of 1,066MHz, which is greater memory bandwidth than the 800MHz memory in the iPhone 4.

Without hearing word straight from Apple, this only qualifies as a rumor, but we simply can’t believe Apple wouldn’t at least double the iPad’s RAM this go-around. They’d just have to, right?

  • mi

    From a user experience perspective, what’s the difference?

  • Jugney

    Has Apple ever talked about RAM in their iOS products? It not being mentioned didn’t seem the least bit conspicuous. They know user experience isn’t reflected by specs.

  • K7 Marketing

    Apple to be honest could do a lot more on publishing a spec sheet, even if they didn’t discuss it. For us geeks there are a lot of things in apple products which people take for granted. i.e. the charge time on an iphone 4 is ridiculously fast to get to 100%. Where the samsung galaxy and other devices take about 3 hours for 100% charge the iphone4 does it in 1.

  • Jackson Myers

    The advantage of more ram is better multitasking behavior. For example, have you ever been in safari and then switched to another app then back to Safari, only to find that all of your Safari tabs need to be reloaded? That’s because the OS was running low on ram and so it unloaded Safari’s view controller when it was in the background and then reloaded it when you switched back.

    The same thing happens in my app (SlothCam). If you have a bunch of webcams open in the pap, and you start multitasking and the system runs low on ram, it basically unloads all of the memory from my app in the background. So when you switch back to my app, the app takes a while to start back up and load everything back into memory.

    That process is sort of transparent and usually the user doesn’t even know it’s happening, but it takes time to re-load everything after multitasking.

    Having more RAM on the iPad would mean you could multitask between more memory hungry apps without having to reload things when you switch back and forth. It would basically make everything feel faster when multitasking and more like switching between apps on a Mac.

    I personally think having more RAM on an iPad is a big deal.

  • Ghidra

    what’s up with that badly-photoshopped image? with the phoney “5” and pixel-repeats

  • Me

    If they did, I’ll get one. If not, Xoom time.

  • James Kelly

    :/ 512mb is still crap compared to the competition, including some smart phones! The first iPad should have had 512mb of RAM, and for the iPad 2, that should have been doubled to 1GB.

  • Sam Livingston-Gray

    It’s most noticeable when browsing multiple pages in Safari. The UI already makes dealing with more than one page annoyingly slow with its animations and multiple taps, but then when you do switch back to another page, Safari almost always has to reload it.

  • Neil Dillon

    My exact sentiment. Waiting on confirmation of this before I buy an ipad 2. If the Xoom wasn’t so expensive it would already be Xoom time for me.

  • David Ker

    Actually, it makes a huge difference for developers who want to create an application that improves the end user experience!

  • Juddadredd

    I’ve got news for you, Safari will always reopen those tabs, download ATOMIC WEB BROWSER and see that IT DOESN’T reload the tabs, same memory same engine, different way of coding…

  • Juddadredd

    Posted below as well as MOST people only read the top few posts…

    I’ve got news for you, Safari will always reopen those tabs, download ATOMIC WEB BROWSER and see that IT DOESN’T reload the tabs, same memory same engine, different way of coding… I’m Sorry for pointing out that your examples completely wrong…

  • HJS

    Google Translate is a bit wierd there. Reading the original post, the Korean guy is not claiming anything, it’s just a Gizmodo rumor he’s speculating on. He’s worried that if said rumor may be true, ‘diraem’ (DRAM) sales might not be so great.