Report: Staples to Sell Amazon Kindles this Fall



If you are looking for one of Amazon’s lower-priced Kindle e-readers, you soon may only have to look as far as your neighborhood Staples retail location, the giant office supply company announced Tuesday. Staples’ 1,550 locations this fall will carry Amazon’s recently reduced-priced $139 Kindle, as well as the $189 Kindle 3G and $379 Kindle DX.

The Staples tie-up makes the second bricks-and-mortar retailer offering the Kindle. Earlier this year, Amazon announced its device would be sold by Target.

In response to Amazon, Borders said it will cut its Kobo reader to $129, down from $149. Additionally, the low-end Aluratek Libre reader will sell for $99, a drop from $120.

The Staples announcement, timed to take advantage of the upcoming holiday buying season, is just the latest jockeying by e-reader makers. In June, Barnes & Noble’s Nook fell to $149, a move matched by Amazon, which cut the Kindle from $259 to $189 – $149 for the Wi-Fi only version.

The impact of the price cuts may not be known. Indeed, earlier this month, Amazon touted the Kindle as one of its “best-selling product” but refused to offer any numbers to back up the claim.

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