Analyst: Macs Sales to Government Goes Through the Roof


Source: Needham, IDC
Source: Needham, IDC

Someone in government must love Macs. How else to explain one analyst’s figures released Monday showing a 200 percent increase during the second-quarter of 2010 – 16 times greater than the overall PC market’s 12.1 percent growth-rate? But, as the late-night pitch-men like to say: Wait, that’s not all.

Macs in business (especially very big businesses) rose nearly 50 percent during the three-month period – three times that of the PC market’s 12.1 percent, according to Needham analyst Charlie Wolf.

Not only did Mac sales rise faster than the overall industry in government, and business, Apple did better than the overall global market when it comes to the home market: 31.4 percent growth versus 25.2 percent for the market. In Europe, that lead is particularly noticeable.

Using IDC figures, Wolf found what he called an “intriguing phenomenon” in Apple’s impact in the European home market. Between the first quarter and the second quarter, Apple’s market share more than doubled from 3.4 percent to 7 percent. Additionally, dollarwise, Apple more than tripled: going from 4.6 percent to 15.4 percent during that period.

As in so many cases, the iPhone figures prominently in the reason for the sharp increases. “The iPhone holds a higher share in the European smartphone market than it does in the U.S. because it is distributed through multiple carriers in most countries in this region,” Wolf told investors. Also, the so-called iPod ‘halo’ that helps Apple sell other devices, should be replaced by the iPhone ‘halo’, which the analyst describes as “undoubtedly stronger” than the MP3 device.