Apple : Psystar Violated DMCA, Along With Copyright



Apple has added a new wrinkle to its copyright infringement lawsuit against Florida-based Psystar. The Cupertino-based media company now claims the Mac clone-maker violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

In a revised claim filed Nov. 26, Apple charged Psystar “has illegally circumvented Apple’s technological copyright-protection measures,” according to Computerworld.

Apple also named 10 new unnamed defendants, listed only as John Doe 1 through 10.

The amended allegations to the original lawsuit filed in July, charges Psystar also sold a restore disk that Apple claims allows users to install the Mac OS X operating system against the license agreement.

An August countersuit by Psystar, charging Apple operated a monopoly, was recently rejected by U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup.

In another lawsuit, Apple won a trademark case in a Chinese court. The court in Liaoning Province told New Apple Concept Digital Technology Co. Ltd. to pay Apple $58,000 and refrain from infringing Apple’s logo.

The Cupertino, Calif. company registered its logo in China in 1995, years prior to New Apple Concept’s apple with wings, according to state media’s Xinhua.

  • phoenix

    Considering PsyStar’s counter suit against Apple was dismissed earlier last month, it would seem the negotiations between them have broken down and Apple’s going in for the kill.