Throwboy Turns Apps Into Pillows



If you’re the kind of person who loves iChat so much that you want to snuggle up to it on the couch, these pillows from Throwboy are likely to be just your cup of tea.

You can choose from Finder, Dashboard, iTunes, iPhoto, iChat, and Photo Booth. Each one is hand-made with fleece and filled with polyester fiber.

You can nerd up your living room for just $30 per pillow, or $149 for the set. I don’t think they do special requests for niche apps (Camino users, let’s hear a weak cheer from you – ahh that’s lovely). But there’d be no harm in asking them to expand the set would there? What might they add next? Is a BBEdit pillow going too far, do you think?

More on the Throwboy blog. They do pumpkins too, you know.

8 responses to “Throwboy Turns Apps Into Pillows”

  1. Abc says:

    cool! and cute too. but i think its too expensive.

  2. Torley says:

    On one hand: what would Apple’s legal dept. think?

    On the other: OHH SO KAWAII ^_^

  3. the truth says:

    better grab em up before the cease and desist letters go out!

  4. iCarlos says:

    Where is Safari?????!!!!