Disney Praises iPad as ‘Game-Changer’



The House of Mouse becomes very animated when talking about the possibilities the iPad offers. Disney CEO Bog Iger Tuesday described the new Apple device as a “game-changer,” saying the tablet will enhance the television-watching experience.

“The interactivity it will allow on a portable device with such a high quality screen is going to enable us to really start developing products that are different than the product that you typically see on an Internet-connected computer, or on a television screen,” Iger said during a quarterly Walt Disney Co, earnings call.

New ABC News and ESPN Score Center applications will be built for the iPad, allowing viewers greater interaction. The Disney leader also suggested the iPad could be used by ABC “Lost” viewers to become immersed in the final season of the cult series.

Although Disney earned more than $2 billion in digital revenue in 2009, Iger expects even more for 2010.

“Suddenly this device comes along and provides us with an even more robust technological platform, that makes the interactivity that we are going to provide — things like read-along simple animation music — to just sort of come alife,” Iger said. Disney plans to unveil comic books for the iPad as well as casual games for the device.

Disney, which owns ABC, ESPN, Disney Channel and the ABC Family, has long been an Apple supporter. Along with Apple CEO Steve Jobs being its largest shareholder, Disney has turned to the Cupertino, Calif company for advice on redesigning its retail stores. Disney has also been a strong supporter of Apple products, including iTunes and most recently, Apple’s talks on a possible subscription TV plan.

[Via AppleInsider]