Lisa Works at a Design Shop in Denver



Owner and founder of the Denver graphic design studio Matter, Rick Griffith loves all things Apple. He and his crew use the latest Macs among other gear to do their innovative work. They also love vintage technology and on a recent trip to Denver, my visit to the Matter command center unearthed a pristine Lisa in the wild, which we share with you here.

Bonus points if you can identify what she’s sitting on.

  • Aaron

    That machine is an old movable-type printing press, frequently referred to as a “Windmill.” My father used to be a printer and had one of these in his shop specifically for embossing business cards, letterheads and invitations.

    For what may I exchange my “bonus points” ?

  • jdm7

    is it a platen printing press?

  • Tim

    It’s sitting on a letter press.

  • cyxodus

    That’s a 1930’s Platen printing press. My Dad identified it right away and use to work at a printing place that had one.

  • j0331das

    It’s setting on an old printing press.

  • El Fez

    Ohh! OOh! I know! (I ran these and others like it for 15 years)


  • Dean Putney

    Is that a chair of some sort? Is it an optometry chair? Or is it a lithograph printing press of some sort? Seems like it might be a printing press or something since Matter’s site has mostly to do with paper.

  • geckonia

    ohhhh… move that old computer so I can see that beautiful printing press!

  • geckonia

    ohhhh… move that old computer so I can see that beautiful printing press!

  • jaykayess

    A linotype?

  • meritter

    Looks like the Lisa is sitting on a manual printing press, the kind I used in a high school shop class in 1970. The round metal surface above her is where the ink is rolled onto.

  • danmargri

    Is that an old press?

  • Jet

    printing press?

  • titivillus

    In my country, Catalonia, I don’t know why, it’s called Minerva, a kind of letterpress, but for sure it isn’t manual, the right attachment, a sort of wheel I don’t know how it’s called in English, links to an electrical motor.
    Bonus points? Are you kidding? Right?

    Excuse my English… if you can!

  • titivillus

    In my country, Catalonia, it’s called a Minerva, I think was the first sold brand, but I don’t know for sure.
    It’s a kind of letterpress, it could be manual, with the operator moving it by hand on the little ones or by feet on the big ones or mechanical like the one pictured. The right attachment, a wheel I don’t know how call it in English, couples it to an electrical motor.

    Excuse my English if you can!

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