Woz says his favorite gadget is the… HTC Nexus One?!?



Oh, Woz. How can your allegiances be so fickle? We always supposed that when your heart finally exploded in a bright toxic sludge of congested cheese curl powder, you’d die on your Segway with an iPhone in each hand. You were a goofy hirsute geek with an unflappable allegiance to the company you’d helped create. And now what do we hear? Your new favorite gadget is, the HTC Nexus One.

Steve Wozniak dropped the bombshell on the set of the NBC education show Class Action, telling host Jessica Aguirre that his favorite gadget was “the latest one — it’s a non-Apple product, it’s one that just came out yesterday.” He has now confirmed that the device he was talking about was indeed the so-called Google Phone.

On his part, Woz is claiming his perfidious act of betrayal is prompted by a desire to be informed about the latest devices for interview purposes. “I just do it so I’m a little knowledgeable about the products when people ask me,” said Wozniak. “I really just want to be quiet, relaxed, a more normal person.”

“I have two iPhones, sometimes I wear a Droid on my belt, and also a Nexus One,” said Wozniak. “At any given point, I might have BlackBerrys. My main phone is still an iPhone.”

Suddenly surrounded by the torches and prodding pitchforks of Apple cultists, Woz is nervously preaching brand agnosticism. “I don’t like treating [gadgets] like a religion,” said Wozniak. ” I don’t like telling people that they’re bad or wrong [for picking a particular device]. The right computer for you, based upon your family income and your type of work, might be a PC and not a Macintosh. I’d rather be a true salesman who cares about the customer — though I try to bend them a bit of the way to the advantages of iPhones and Macintosh.”

Nice try, Woz! Let’s just hope the Tablet comes out in time for you to proclaim it your new favorite gadget before the first immolating fires touch the pyre. It might just save you from the maddened crowd of Cupertino cultists.