Apple Gives Developers Head Start With Twitter Integration in iOS 5


Twitter icon

Apple has opened up support to developers for integrating with the new Twitter API in iOS 5, reports MacNN. Registered Apple developers should now be able to access the native Twitter integration in the iOS 5 beta for access with third party apps.

iOS 5 Beta 7 was released to developers yesterday, and Apple is assumedly putting the finishing touches on iOS 5 for its public launch in either September or October.

We’ve added part of a message from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to third party Twitter devs:

“Very soon, anywhere there’s an iPhone or an iPad, you’ll always find Twitter. If you’re an iOS developer, you can add Twitter to your application to personalize the experience for your users, giving them easier and better ways to login, enrich their experience, share thoughts and content and help boost your distribution.

I believe that our relationships with consumers and developers are a primary measure of our success. Thank you for helping millions of people around the world get more from Twitter.”