This Little Dongle Is The ShamelessTrademark Infringing SD Card Reader Your Mac Deserves



Remember the darling little iHub that MIC Gadget used to sell, complete with a glowing little Apple logo that ended up getting them kicked so hard by Apple’s legal team that MIC Gadget ended up gargling their lower intestines?

Well, the iHub’s spiritual cousin is back with this cute Chinese SD card reader, and if Apple’s legal team can find them, we’re sure they’ll get C&Ded too in due course. In the mean time, it’s just $10 bucks at K.O. Gadget, and given the fact that my MacBook Air doesn’t have an SD slot, I’m about to take the plunge. If you’re in a similar pickle, you might want to get in on this before the Leviathan wakes.

[via 9to5Mac]