This Digital Toolbox Lets You Fix All The Little Things In OS X Lion That Annoy You



Lion’s the best operating system that Apple has ever released, but that’s not to say it doesn’t have its sticking points… the little tweaks and changes to default OS X behavior that really sticks in some people’s craw.

There’s ways to fix these little irritants, of course, but most of them involve delving into Terminal and deploying write commands. There’s got to be an easier way, right?

Yup. It’s called LionTweaks and it allows you to tweak OS X Lion’s default performance just by clicking a yes or no button.

Here’s a list of what LionTweaks can do, courtesy of OS X Daily:

• Showing and hiding the User Library folder
• Enable the 2D Dock – from 10.5
• Remove the new window animation in Lion
• Disable Mail animations
• Disable spelling autocorrect
• Enable Stack list view – from 10.6
• Highlight Stack items on mouseover – from 10.5
• Change iCals leather to aluminum – changes the image files for you
• Enable repeating keys
• Always show scroll bars
• Show hidden files in Mac OS X – since the dawn of OS X
• Disable Crash Reporter dialog popup
• Change AddressBook to aluminum – great one if you don’t like the book-look
• Disable resume on a per app basis
• Enable FTP server – FTP server was pulled out of Lion but existed in Sharing prior to 10.7
• Customize Launchpad Folder background image

That’s a pretty impressive list of functionality. Think of LionTweaks as a toolbox that turns Lion back into something that’s more OS X than iOS. Grab it here.