Converse Turns Your iPad Into A Babelfish For Your Lap


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This is just an awesome idea for an app: Converse by Riot Software turns your iPad into a traveling, dual-keyboard kiosk that will allow you to have a conversation with anyone you might encounter, no matter how bizarre and filled with phlegmatic squawks his native language is.

Load Converse up on your iPad and two keyboards will pop up, one on each hemisphere of the display. You can specify a language for each keyboard: once that’s done, typing a word or sentence onto one keyboard will result in that word translating into the other keyboard’s language, and vice versa.

As someone who has a pretty impressive vocabulary of physical gestures after years of traveling without a lick of knowledge of any language besides English, I can see how useful this would be. If you can’t communicate with someone, just open up your iPad and start typing. This would also be pretty good for finally asking out that cute foreign girl you (literally) don’t know how to talk to.

Converse is $4.99 and can be downloaded here.

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  • Raksha Sharma

    Thanks for this nice app. I found an alternative for iCloud @

  • Frank Lowney

    What languages are supported besides English and Spanish?

  • Doug Bursnall

    Click the button and you’ll find out;
    Currently translates between English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch!

  • Louis Anslow






  • DanSlanger

    This is great. Does it use Google Translate and/or require an internet connection or does it use in-house dictionaries? 

  • Wayne_Luke

    The app is less than half a megabyte in size. It would have to use internet lookup.

  • Russell Albert

    Yes shockingly bad review to miss these questions out

  • Russell Albert

    Which essentially makes it useless, when traveling you probably don’t have 3G, fingers crossed you find free wifi

  • lsl70
  • lsl70
  • lals196
  • vipshopper57
  • cxiaoduo
  • lls977
  • GooneyGooGoo

    Lol, that is soooooo lame!