Turn Your iPad Into Your Favorite Classic Book With These Neat iPad Cases



Even though the iPad is a really great gaming device, I pretty much only use it to read. It’s great, it just doesn’t feel like all the books I love with their neat cover art.

Out of Print is a new company that is trying to get people to start reading more by promoting classic literature in cool ways. Their latest product is a series of iPad cases designed to look like classic books by using the same materials used in real book covers.

OS X Gets Automatic App Downloads Just Like iOS In Latest Mountain Lion Release


It's not working just yet, but you can bet it will be by the time Mountain Lion goes public.
It's not working just yet, but you can bet it will be by the time Mountain Lion goes public.

One of the features that I love most about iOS 5 is Automatic Downloads, which allows me to purchase an app, book, or song on my iPhone and have it installed on my iPad at almost exactly the same time. It’s great for users with multiple iOS devices, and it’s also coming to the Mac.

One developer has discovered the ability to turn on Automatic Downloads for Mac App Store purchases under the latest OS X Mountain Lion release.

“Inside Apple” Will Challenge Your View Of The World’s Most Valuable Tech Company [Review]



Adam Lashinsky is a veteran Silicon Valley journalist and Senior Editor at Large for Fortune. Lashinsky wrote a riveting feature last year on the inner workings of Apple’s secretive culture that prompted him to publish Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired–and Secretive–Company Really Works in January of 2012.

Inside Apple is a short read (about 180 pages) that provides several peeks behind the thick veil of secrecy Apple keeps between itself and the outside world. After reading Lashinsky’s portrayal of the company, you should have a better understanding of how Apple works and what makes it tick. Your perception of the world’s most valuable technology company should be challenged with fascinating stories from inside the walls of Cupertino.

Formatting Issues With Steve Jobs Biography in iBooks? Re-Download It Now For Fix



Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography of Steve Jobs hit the iBookstore earlier this week, and after a few hours, I wondered why it had such a low star rating. I read some of the reviews to discover that many users have had formatting issues, which made some pages of the book illegible. Apple has now issued an update to the book and begun instructing customers on how to get the new version.