2Do Might Be The Best Task Manager Ever [Review]

2Do Might Be The Best Task Manager Ever [Review]

It’s taken me 20 years to finally find a task manager I’m happy with. No variation in any PDA I’ve used has passed muster: either they’ve lacked features, or suffered from confusing interfaces, or both — and I’d inevitably end up abandoning them for a simpler system. Then I started playing around with 2Do from developer Guided Ways Technologies. Search over.

What makes 2Do great is that it miraculously seems to make everyone happy. OCD types will quite possibly explode with joy at the endless supply of options for organizing tasks; highlights include iCal-compatible calendar-based organization, user-created tags, super-flexible options for repeating tasks, a focus-filter and an alert function with the option to email alerts. Seriously, the app has a bazillion options for task searching, sharing, sorting, alerting and a whole bunch of other verbs — far too many to list here.

Just-throw-the-clothes-on-the-floor types, on the other hand, can simply record a voice message and append whatever extra details they want onto the task. Or whatever. The app manages to pull off a brilliant balance of flexibility and depth — every aspect of 2Do is loaded with options, but in a way that encourages perfect personalization for each user. Topping off 2Do’s list of triumphs is an interface that’s intuitive, pretty — and yes, highly customizable.

Newly-released version 2.0 adds assorted improvements like a location-aware feature, so the app can remind you to fix that creaky door the next time you visit grandma.

Hiccups? The app has crashed on occasion, which of course wipes out any task being created at the time (a royal pain for those who’re very thorough about filling in fields when creating a task) — but it’s infrequent enough to be a very minor problem.

2Do is normally $7, but the app is on sale for just $4 for what the developer says is a limited time. There’s a try-before-you-buy version if you’re still unsure — then grab the full app before the price goes back up.

A beautifully crafted task manager for serious and casual users alike.

Rating: ★★★★★

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  • Caps5

    Might be a good app, but I won’t support a developer that promotes anti-western propaganda from their home page…

  • Rob_Miles

    Hm… Interestihg tool. I always thought that Comindware task management software is the best tool for PM. Anyway, 2Do is not free.

  • stephennesbitt

    Might be a good app, but I won’t support a developer that promotes anti-western propaganda from their home page…

    I would love to know what this clown (Caps5) is on about? So, as a Buddhist, I am anti-western? As Muslims, the developers are anti-western? Your ethnocentric behaviour should have been wiped from this site long ago. Not sure why it has not.

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