Deals of the Day

  • mythofechelon

    * Check out these 5 handy office hacks

    I thought this was a list of tips to improve productivity in Microsoft Office or something.

    • Greg Dillard

      Same here. The case of the headline was very misleading. And the tips were pretty weak as well. I mean…the guy works from home. It was less office hacks and more desk hacks.

  • JustReboot

    I use a business card holder as an iPhone ‘dock.’ As an added benefit, when in landscape mode, it’s the perfect angle for a nightime clock. I do this each nite by my bedside

  • Gerard de Jong

    I love Cult of Mac for it’s high quality articles and especially the PodCast. This video however disappointed me very much with it’s poor humour and useless advice.

    Leander please don’t allow Ste to post any more videos and jeopardise the quality of an otherwise stellar platform.