MobiPast new free monitoring app for iPhone [Sponsored post]



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Nowadays more and more kids are asking for an iPhone, maybe yours as well. But are you worried about their receiving nuisance calls, bullying, contact from strangers, endless spam and trolls? These commonplace tricksters can soon rack up a huge phone bill — and you’ll be the one asked to pay it.

MobiPast is a new monitoring app that allows you to see just whom your kids contact on their phones — and who contacts them. It’s not spying exactly. It’s for their and your safety and peace of mind. To see how MobiPast allows you to remotely track your kids’ calls, texts, contacts, internet surfing, social media activities — and GPS locations — read on.

MobiPast is a simple monitoring app that takes only a few minutes to download and install following easy instructions. MobiPast can monitor multiple devices — smart phones and tablets.

Once installed on your and your kids’ devices, MobiPast’s neat user interface works just like your own device, with icons for each app monitored. MobiPast shows your kids’ current whereabouts on Maps, history on Safari, list of saved contacts, SMS and iMessages, calls sent and received, and messages on Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Hangouts and Yahoo Messenger. MobiPast also shows your kids’ phone security passcode to unlock the screen. All at the tap of an icon.

You don’t have to install the app on your kids’ phones secretly, of course. You can show them you are monitoring their phone use or even make installing MobiPast a condition of their getting a phone.

MobiPast is available to test out as a free download and includes four free unlimited functions: GPS locations, contacts, internet history and passcode. To unlock all functions costs $29.99 for 30 days.

  • motionbug

    So is that $29.99 for 30 days and will cost $30 every month?

    • Pierre

      MobiPast includes 4 unlimited free functions, more informations on this page: . To unlock access to all functions, it cost 29.99$ for 30 days.

    • ChanceDM

      Seems a bit pricy. Although the free version seems to have a lot.