How To Create Your Own Jailbreak Tweaks With Flex 2

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Want to program your own jailbreak tweak, but don’t have the programming ability? No problem. The sequel to a popular jailbreak tweak called Flex 2 has hit the BigBoss repo, giving iOS 7 jailbreakers the option to roll-the-own tweaks.

Re-built from the ground up for iOS 7, Flex 2 allows you to use community-contributed patches to hack your device. You can combine various patches to modify characteristics of the way various apps on your device function with ease, no programming skill required.

A number of different patches exist for various apps in Flex 2’s cloud, which contains over 6,000 patches. For example, you could tell iMessages to display a time stamp next to every message, easily install a white keyboard in Tweetbot 3, insert more than five images in any email, alter the size of Siri’s window, and more.

Here’s a great walkthrough of Flex 2’s abilities, courtesy of iDownloadblog:

How To Create Your Own Jailbreak Tweaks With Flex 2

Flex 2 is available on the default BigBoss Repo for all iOS 7 jailbreakers for the price of $3.99. That’s a bit pricy for a jailbreak tweak, but once you consider the fact that this is basically infinity-tweaks in one, that price starts looking a lot more reasonable.

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