iOS 7 Lockscreen Bug Gives Access To Entire Camera Roll And Sharing Options


It wouldn’t be a major iOS release without another lockscreen bug. This time, you use Command Center into tricking iOS 7 to give you full access to the Camera Roll and sharing options. The method was uncovered by a veteran lockscreen-bug-finder named Jose Rodriguez, who admits that he likes to “submit my iPhone to cruel methods of torture” in his spare time (which he apparently has a lot of).

Rodriguez showed the bug to Forbes, and the process is fairly simple to replicate on a locked iOS 7 device. Command Center needs to be enabled from the lockscreen, which is the default setting from Apple. Here’s how it works:

iOS 7 Lockscreen Bug Gives Access To Entire Camera Roll And Sharing Options

  1. Swipe up to reveal Command Center from the lockscreen.
  2. Tap the shortcut to the Clock app.
  3. Hold down the power button and press cancel when the option presents itself.
  4. Double tap the home button (the second tap should be a little longer than the first if you have problems). You’ll enter iOS 7’s multitasking interface.

From there, you have access to the Camera app (all the other apps are greyed out) and the device’s entire Camera Roll. You can edit, delete, and even share pics with any of the services (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr) you’re logged into.

Apple is expected to release iOS 7.0.1 tomorrow as a small update with bug fixes, and hopefully this lockscreen glitch is addressed.

Command Center itself prevents problems for iOS 7’s security, as noted by GigaOm today. Since Command Center is accessible from the lockscreen (you can turn it off in Settings), it would be easy for a thief to put the iPhone into Airplane Mode and thereby render Find My iPhone useless.

Update: Apple has told AllThingsD that it is “aware of this issue, and will deliver a fix in a future software update.”

  • Adrayven

    Turning off the phone achieves the same thing. It is’t a bug so much as anoying. Find My iPhone still works, if you try to reset the phone, it still requires the apple id and password to activate. Thus it’s not ‘bypassed’ at all.

    Silly bloggers.

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