Newcomer NudeAudio Unveils Its Speaker Lineup, And It Looks Pretty Bare Bones


Speaker design seems to be drifting further toward the minimalist end of things, at least aesthetically. If that’s true, brand-new San Francisco-based NudeAudio has walked pretty far down this path, as evidenced by their just-introduced, four-model speaker lineup.

Things start out with the Move S, a thick square roughly the size (though not the shape, obviously) of an iPhone. The Move S comes in two flavors, with Bluetooth and without, priced at $50 and $30 respectively; the Move S Wired is the only model of the four that doesn’t get Bluetooth. Then there’s the slightly larger, but no less-square Move M at $70, which also has dual microphones, and is the only model to handle speakerphone duties. Finally, the rectangular Move L, with two drivers and a passive subwoofer for $100.

Apart from that, the four all share the same characteristics. Each is swaddled in silicone and armed with an eight-hour battery, a rope handle and little else in the way of anything superfluous.

It’s difficult to tell what the sweet spot is here, without having heard the speakers in action yet — but the Move M, with its speakerphone capability, reasonable pricing and fashion-conscious looks may be the one to want.

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