Apple Has The Most Devoted And Loyal Computer Users [Report]

Forrester Apple survey

How loyal are you to Apple? New research shows that Apple has the most loyal and devoted customer base in the computer business.

Forrester recently conducted a survey to determine how loyal the average computer owner is to a given company. While 85% of worldwide customers don’t claim loyalty to a certain brand (defined in the above chart as “Free Radicals”), the remaining 15% have a strong allegiance to Apple.

“Loyalists” are defined by Forrester as customers who own a majority of devices from one of the three companies listed above. “Devotees” are customers who only own devices from a single company. As you can see, Apple dominates in both groups.

Another recent survey by Yankee Group found that 91% of iPhone owners in the U.S. plan to buy the next model when it’s time to upgrade.

  • Adrayven

    Not too surprising.. However, I think those numbers will drop if they disappoint at WWDC with iOS 7.

    The software aspect(updates/feature additions) for Apple has been a strong draw in past years. This stumbled with iOS 6, but did recover I think.. Maps has been my goto lately. They need a refreshing look and to add more gesture based options and more at hand settings/features.

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