Finally, A Pair Of Jeans Specially Designed For Your iPhone 5

Finally, A Pair Of Jeans Specially Designed For Your iPhone 5

“Man, I really wish I had an iPhone 5-sized pocket in my pants!”

If you’ve ever thought that before, then you’re in luck. The appropriately named “WTFJeans” is now selling denim that has been specifically designed to cradle Apple’s newest smartphone and protect your manly parts at the same time.

This Italian denim not only includes two iPhone 5 pockets, but also two hidden USB stick holders. Now you can be the fashionable nerd you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

WTFJeans assures us that these pants won’t inflict any injury on your “family jewels:”

All of us who spend more than 12 hours in front of a computer are very familiar with the uncomfortable situation with the family jewels if we are sitting in an uncomfortable pair of pants. For all of geeks out there with same problem, we have designed this special, family jewels fitting model.


But seriously, these jeans are real,”enzyme washed for extra softness,” and cost $159 with free worldwide shipping. Do your iPhone and testicles a favor and consider buying.

Finally, A Pair Of Jeans Specially Designed For Your iPhone 5

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  • Blinkin357

    Don’t throw your money away on these when you can get Costco Kirkland jeans for $15.99 including a deep “watch pocket” that fits the iPhone 5 PERFECTLY.

  • trex67

    Having no problems with my 501’s.

  • Yehat


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