Clear Todo App: Also Great For Poetry!

I wrote a poem, on my phone...

Realmac‘s Clear todo app is the talk of the Macosphere today, earning glowing reviews pretty much everywhere (including here at Cult of Mac). And rightly so: it’s totally different to everything that’s gone before, and cute and sexy and gorgeous too.

But there’s more to it than colorful todo lists. Oh yes. It makes a pretty neat colorful poetry writing thingummyjig too.

No, really. I’m serious. Almost. Sort of. In Clear, you can write short lines and re-order them with your fingers. Let the muse flow through your fingertips, write your poems backwards then re-arrange them on screen. It’s very satisfying, and an excellent way of spotting when something scans well. Or in my case, when it doesn’t.

Rosespoem Haiku

These are my first pathetic efforts. Yours, I’m sure, will be much funnier. Feel free to post them in this Flickr group.

  • Gautama Sidharta

    ok for poetry I guess but not ok if you want to add an item with more than 10 letters or so… should be able to add longer ¬†text :(

  • John Catalano

    A nice idea but they’re using a custom datastore. Why-oh-why can’t these ToDo manager devs support the iCalendar standard and sync with iOS Reminders???

  • speedmaster

    LOL, nicely-done.  ;-)

  • ralphtweety

    YES YES and YES!

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