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iPhone owner makes a new pri-mate at the zoo


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Looking for a startup idea? I'll license the concept of Gorilla Tinder for a very reasonable price.
Photo: Paul Ross

An iPhone owner found that the bond shared by Apple fans even extends between species when he met an iPhone-loving gorilla during a recent trip to Louisville Zoo in Kentucky.

Separated by safety glass from one of our closest living relatives, the visitor decided to show Jelaini the gorilla photos of other gorillas — leading to an astonishing video in which Jelaini appears completely transfixed by the images.

Check it out below:

Orangutans At The The Smithsonian National Zoo Use iPads And Love Them



When Steve Jobs debuted the iPad back in 2010, he probably didn’t realized that the tablet would one day be used by Orangutan Outreach in zoos around the world. The Smithsonian’s National Zoo has adopted the “Apps for Apes” program, a totally nonfictional initiative that hooks monkeys up with shiny iPads.

Zookeepers let the orangutans play with different iPad apps and the zoo “hopes to connect its orangutans with those at other zoos using video conferencing platforms.”