Why app subscriptions are taking over (and how to cope) [Video]


You can subscribe to just about anything these days ... but why?
You can subscribe to just about anything these days ... but why?
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

Over the last couple years, tons of iOS apps switched from one-time purchases to monthly or annual subscriptions. As a user, this can seem frustrating — or annoying even — but it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The rise of app subscriptions brings benefits to users, developers and the app ecosystem as a whole. Whether you’re subscribing to your favorite weather app, task manager or podcast player, the subscription model offers perks that never existed in the one-time-purchase world of apps.

YouTuber takes us inside the Mac-lined hallways of MacStadium


MacStadium Mac mini server racks
MacStadium supports thousands of Mac mini, Mac Pro, iMac Pro, and xServe servers for applications around the globe.
Photo: Apple

The Mac serves many roles for many people. Whether it’s used for creativity, research, development, content consumption, or as a server, there is a Mac for the job. During Apple’s October “More in the Making,” the company highlighted several of these key roles the Mac plays, and gave a shoutout to MacStadium’s incredible Mac server farm.

But what is MacStadium really doing, and what does it actually look like to be surrounded by hundreds of Mac mini? YouTube technology entertainer Quinn Nelson of Snazzy Labs had a chance to visit their Las Vegas facility to find out more.

Halloween iPhones trump candy as ultimate treat


Halloween iPhones
No tricks. You're getting a smartphone, kid.
Screen shot: GizmoSlip/YouTube

Brandon Baldwin normally hurls iPhones from a couple of stories up to see if they survive as a way to entertain the 3.2 million followers of his YouTube channel, GizmoSlip.

But on Halloween night, Baldwin and his co-hosts decided to see what would happen when you drop an iPhone into the candy bag of a trick-or-treater.