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The xPrintServer Lets You Use Any Printer With Your iOS Device [Macworld 2013]



SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD/iWORLD 2013 – Lantronix is showing off at Macworld what they call the xPrintServer, a small device that you can attach to your network to allow nearly any printer to become compatible with your iOS device using AirPrint.

The xPrintServer comes in two models, a consumer edition that should suit the needs of the average user, as well as an office edition more suited for a corporate setting.


iPhone-Sized Box Makes All Networked Printers AirPrint-Ready


Just plug this into your network, and your iPad will see all the printers in your office
Just plug this into your network, and your iPad will see all the printers in your office

You have an office full of cubicle jockeys, and you have a network full of printers. And a lot of your workers come to the office with iPads and iPhones. Now, I hate printers, but even I realize that people need to put things on paper from time to time. And even a printer lover doesn’t want to re-equip the whole office with AirPrint-ready machines.

Thankfully, you don’t have to. The Lantronix xPrintServer will convert the whole network for you.

Wirelessly Print From Any iOS Device Using xPrintServer



The ability to print documents from an iOS device is a feature that many of us find incredibly useful, but Apple’s implementation has its flaws — such as the need for an AirPrint compatible printer. But thank to xPrintServer from Lantronix, you can wirelessly print to almost any networked printer from any iOS device.

Cool New Gadget Adds AirPrint iDevice Printing to Any Printer



Till now, HP has held a huge advantage over it’s printer rivals when it comes to printing from the iPad — because even though rivals have made strides with their own apps (like Epson’s slick iPrint app) HP’s printers remain the only ones with AirPrint, which is tied directly to iOS and allows printing from within apps, without having to use an intermediary app (eg iPrint).