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Xfinity Stream app for Apple TV makes cable box (mostly) superfluous


Xfinity Stream app for Apple TV makes cable box (mostly) superfluous
Your Apple TV can be your cable box with the new Xfinity Stream app.
Photo: Comcast/Apple

An Apple TV can now be used to watch all of Comcast’s live, on demand and DVR programming. The cable behemoth’s subscribers just need to install the newly-released Xfinity Stream app on Apple’s streaming box.

Thursday’s release makes it simple for Apple TV users to add Xfinity access to additional rooms. No traditional cable box necessary.

Comcast finally adds Chromecast support to Xfinity iOS app


Chromecast and iPad
Google’s Chromecast just became more useful for Xfinity subscribers.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Comcast on Tuesday made it much easier for Xfinity subscribers to watch cable channels on any TV. That’s because the Xfinity Stream app got support for Google’s Chromecast player at long last.

This allows users to stream live content or recorded shows to this inexpensive video player.

Verizon, Comcast and T-Mobile won’t cut off nonpaying customers before June 30


Comcast, Verizon and T-Mobile will cut you some slack during the COVID-19 crisis.
Your Mac and iPhone will continue to get service from Comcast, Verizon or T-Mobile if you’re laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Photo: Pexels CC

Verizon or T-Mobile won’t disconnect your iPhone if you can’t pay your bill because COVID-19 cost you your job. And Comcast won’t cut your Mac off from the internet either.

The companies committed on Monday to not terminate service or charge late fees through June 30.

Comcast throttles Xfinity Mobile customers


Xfinity Mobile is getting throttled.
Videos played over Xfinity Mobile will appear at a lower resolution, and tethering is getting slowed down.

Comcast put a limit on video resolution for its Xfinity Mobile subscribers. Going forward, the maximum will be 480p. 

In addition, subscribers to its unlimited data plan get throttled to 3G speeds when acting as a hotspot for another device.

How to get the best deal on the iPhone X


iPhone X
The iPhone X is nearly here!
Photo: Apple

With the launch of Apple’s most expensive iPhone ever right around the corner, Apple fans are bracing their wallets for impact.

Even the most basic iPhone X will cost you at least $999, but thanks to a bevy of carrier and trade-in deals, you can come away with the 256GB model without spending over a grand.